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Please provide some of the VMUtil specific nomenclature and names

We use a number of "terms" in both the VMUtil™ Website and Mobile App that may be unique to VMUtil™ workflow

  1. Purchase Order
    • A purchase Order in VMUtil™ terms is a combination value, comprised of a FirstEnergy PO Number, a Work Area, an Operating Company and a Contractor.
  2. Work Order
    • A Work Order in the case of VMUtil™ is actually a Corridor Name which is uniquely assigned to a Contractor. The same Corridor can be assigned to multiple contractors, which is why we allow the Work Order Name to be altered if desired.
  3. Job Name
    • A job is a Work Order, that has been assigned uniquely to a Crew. Another alternate name for this feature could be a Site. By default it will always be given the corridor name, but because multiple different crews can be assigned the same Work Order, the Job Name can be assigned uniquely.
  4. MUA
    • MUA simply means Minimum Unit of Application. In terms of FirstEnergy, this is always a Span. However, because VMUtil™ can be used to record any unit of measurement, it is completely variable.
  5. PUM
    • PUM Is a Project Unit of Measurement. This can be assigned any value that a client decides. In the case of FirstEnergy, this is always a Corridor.
  6. PSUM
    • PSUM is a Project Sub-Unit of Measurement. Again, this can be assigned any desired value, but in the case of FirstEnergy will always be the Nearest street to the Span.

How do I Log In to VMUtil Mobile and Download a Job?

Essentially, you will need your Contractor Administrator to create you a Username and Password. Once you do that, follow the instructions in this video.

How do you use the VMUtil Mobile Map Interface

The included video describes the main Map interface in detail.